You Can’t Blame Gravity for Falling in Love

A comedy podcast offering a light take on crushing hard, with your host Maren May. Each episode features a new guest and their stories about whom they loved from afar. Original theme music composed by Josh Cake.

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18. Mike Goldstein wrote an Ode

Thursday Jan 18, 2024

Thursday Jan 18, 2024

A very special episode with no one other than Mike Goldstein joining and reading us an Ode he wrote in his teenage years. We establish early that crushes are for (under 30-year-old) babies but still manage to talk about celebrity crushes, holiday crushes and even crushing on Saltburn characters, but never serial killers. 

Wednesday Dec 27, 2023

The brilliant Daniel Connell (he/him) joins me to chat about a variety of sports and how crushes are a thing of the past for him. We remember that time Axle Whitehead went to the ARIAs and discover that golf might be the perfect addition to any sleep playlist. We also chat about Daniel's dreamy hometown Batemans Bay and of course, high school crushes. 

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

The very funny Ben Knight (he/him) joins to chat about the good and the bad times he had in a tent - involving a crush and also a Fleetwood Mac tribute band. Ben shares his feelings about using abbreviations at the wrong time and Maren discovers the difference between a black light and a blue light. We also cover a balanced mix of wrestling, queer identity, Albert Einstein, and good pick-up lines. 

Monday Oct 09, 2023

Luka Muller (he/him) joins me to chat about holiday crushes, high school loves and trying out Tinder. We discover our shared dream of giving it all up and living a good life in Italy instead. Amelia Earhart comes up briefly before we talk airport crushes, polyamorous relationships and the never ending love we have for our friends. 

Saturday Sep 30, 2023

Brisbane comedian Britt Kynde (she/they) joins me to chat through all of the emotions that come with having a life long crush on David Spade. We also chat about how Liam Hemsworth is responsible for the patriarchy, how Britt loved killing their Sims to make out with the Grim Reaper before she ends this episode with the most beautiful closing words yet. 

Monday Aug 28, 2023

Prue Blake (she/her) joins this episode to chat about how crushes at a 9-to-5 job can be bad news. She remembers high school crushes, explains the office version of a dementor's kiss, and we chat about wanting to impress people in their 20s. EOFY parties come up a little too often. 

12. Tess Birch - Wild Child

Monday Aug 14, 2023

Monday Aug 14, 2023

Tess Birch (she/her) casually pulls off being a full-time lawyer as well as a comedian and denies any connection to time travel to make it happen. We chat about her crushes in chronological order, starting with the one that failed to rescue her when she was tied to a fence. 

Monday Jul 24, 2023

Bea Barbeau-Scurla (she/they), writer, producer, comedian and podcaster who recently made the move to Melbourne joins me for this episode to chat about how a crush can help you stay awake at parties. We also chat about hiding crushes from friends growing up, and Bea's feelings towards the tradies working at her school before diving into the many benefits of (group) therapy and the reason they spent so much time at the video store as a teenager. (Brendan Fraser comes up.)

Monday Jul 10, 2023

Firdi Billimoria (he/him) joins for the 10th episode to chat about pretending to be a jerk and inviting dates to comedy shows before they get a chance to google him. Firdi also shares his views on hosting a travel show with one of his first ever crushes, Catriona Rowntree, while Maren explains why she can't listen to her favourite Melbourne rapper anymore and both discover their shared hate for inappropriate wearing of boat shoes on land.  

Sunday Jun 04, 2023

Much loved comedian and photographer Nick Robertson (he/him) joins this episode to chat about crushing on Linda Cardellini, being attracted to talent and striking up a conversation with his favourite crossing guard. 

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